La Semaine de la Durabilité d’Abou Dabi a été marquée en 2013 par la présence du Président de la République M. François Hollande, et son discours sur les défis liés au changement climatique prononcé à la séance inaugurale. A cette occasion, mes services avaient organisé avec Ubifrance, Masdar et l’IRENA, une série d'événements parallèles sur des thématiques clés du développement durable et des énergies propres. Un an plus tard, cette ambassade organise à nouveau au Sommet Mondial des Energies Futures (World Future Energy Summit – WFES) trois manifestations, auxquelles sont invitées experts, universitaires, décideurs publics, industriels et partenaires de l'IRENA intéressés.

Ces trois manifestations, qui se tiendrontt à l’ADNEC et auxquelles j’ai l’honneur de vous inviter, porteront sur:
- La valorisation des ressources géothermiques : le 20 janvier à 12h (salle: Capital Suite n°3),
- L'approche intégrée de la ville durable : le 21 janvier à 11h (salle: Sustainable Living Expo Theater), avec une présentation de l'initiative française Vivapolis,
- Le stockage: une solution pour l'énergie solaire? : le 22 janvier à 12h (salle: Capital Suite n°3).

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les programmes détaillés de ces manifestations, pour lesquelles nous vous invitons à venir alimenter ce que nous espérons être des débats utiles et fructueux pour la communauté internationale.

La France entend à travers ces événements souligner la constance et la détermination de son engagement dans le développement d'une coopération étroite, tant avec les Emirats Arabes Unis qu'avec les nombreux partenaires de l'IRENA présents dans ces secteurs.

Michel Miraillet
Ambassadeur de France auprès de l’Etat des Emirats Arabes Unis

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) was marked in 2013 by the presence of the President of the Republic of France, Mr. François Hollande, and, at the inaugural ceremonies, his keynote speech on the challenges arising from the climate change. On this occasion, my services had organized with Ubifrance, Masdar and IRENA, a series of side events on major sustainable development and clean energy topics. A year later, they organize again at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) during ADSW, three events gathering experts, academics, policy makers, public, industrial and IRENA partners interested.

I have the honor to invite you to these three events, which will be held at ADNEC and which will focus on:

- The development of geothermal resources: January 20 at 12.00 (room: Capital Suite n°3),
- The integrated approach for sustainable cities: January 21 at 11.00 (room: Sustainable Living Expo Theater), with a presentation of the French initiative Vivapolis.
- Storage: a solution for solar energy? : January 22 at 12.00 (room : Capital Suite n°3).

France intends through these events to underline the consistency and the determination of its commitment in the development of close cooperation with the United Arab Emirates and with many of IRENA partners present, on these issues.

You will find here enclosed the detailed programme of these events. We would be very keen if you could join them and contribute with your insights to discussions that we hope will be fruitful and useful for the international community.

Michel Miraillet
French Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

PRESENTATION Venue: ADNEC – Capital Suite n°3

Opening Presentation: French Geothermal Cluster
French Geothermal Cluster - Private Companies : Christian Boissavy, President
Association of French Geothermal Energy Professionals (AFPG)
French Geothermal Cluster - Government Agencies : Olivier Chazal, Coordinator of the Club ADEME International - French eco companies promotion French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)
Presentation-1    Presentation-2


Achievements and Perspectives of the Global Renewable Energy Atlas (Geothermal Components)
Nicolas Fichaux, Project Officer IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)


Geothermal Energy: An Option for the Middle East? - The overlooked Potential of low-temperature Geothermal Resources for use in thermal Desalination & District Cooling
Chris McCormick, Managing Director RG Thermal Energy Solutions


Reservoir Modelling & Characterization : GEOTREF as a new Approach to Unleash the Geothermal Development
Jacques Chouraki, CEO Teranov


Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Energy Production
Lucien Wald, Professor, Centre of Observation, Impacts, Energy Mines ParisTech/ARMINES


IRENA’s Capacity Building for Geothermal
Kavita Rai, Project Officer IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)


Geothermal Policy Support in Rwanda
Peter Cattelaens, Project Manager, Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme
EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF)


State of the Art of Geothermal & Energy Recovery Solutions
Sébastien Fox, Business Development and Sales Director Dalkia


Geothermal Power Plant EPC Contracts
Sylvain Broglé, International Development Director Clemessy/Eiffage (joint presentation with Cryostar)


Insight into Sustainable Geothermal Reservoir Management Practice
Miklos Antics, CEO GPC Instrumentation Process


Asset Integrity and Corrosion Concern for Geothermic
François Gachet, CEO - Partner INEXSE


GDF SUEZ, an  Actor in Geothermy: International Vision & Strategy
Arnaud Erbin, Senior VP, Director of the International Department GDF-SUEZ


Geothermal Capabilities Overview
Ghislain NICOLAS, Strategy and Business Development Manager, EMEA
Alstom Renewable Steam Plant (Solar, Geothermal, Biomass)

Moderator: Rita L. Sousa, Assistant Professor at the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at Masdar Institute

The Development of Geothermal Resources

Geothermal energy has a tremendous potential for providing us with a renewable, low-carbon and eco-friendly energy. It is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy and offers the advantage of continuity. In simple words, it consists in using the earth internal heat to produce electricity (medium and high-energy technology), water, heating or cooling (low-energy technology). For instance, geothermal heating is implemented in a number of urban districts around the globe, or for greenhouses in the agricultural sector.

This clean energy is supported at the global level, through a dedicated programme at the UN University in Reykjavik, by the World Bank with almost 10% of its total renewable energy lending devoted to geothermal energy, and by IRENA through various activities among which the evaluation of geothermal energy potentials in the Global Atlas for Renewable Energies.

In 2013, geothermal energy is already used worldwide with 54 GW power installed in 79 countries. In Iceland, geothermal energy provides heating to 90% of households. However, its further development faces a number of technical difficulties, firstly because it cannot be easily reached: some drilling has to be made at more than 3000 meters deep. Technologies at stake are complex in terms of the evaluation of potentials as much as regarding the construction of specific drills and plants.

The event will focus on technological solutions and acquired experience with industrial stakeholders who accepted to take part in this event talking about their existing implementation as well as of research and innovation currently going on. It will address the regulatory frameworks and training efforts needed to further advance geothermal energy.

Rita Sousa - Masdar Institute
Rita Sousa is currently an Assistant Professor at Masdar Institute. She received her degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon. Read more
Christian Boissavy (France) - International Geothermal Association (IGA)
Doctor in Geosciences from the University of Paris in 1978, he is the founding President of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), and was member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) Board from 2006 to 2013. Read more
Olivier Chazal - International Relation of the University Paris 1 pantheon
After a specialization in the sector of the energy, I have worked for Think Tank specialized on the Mediterranean Area. Read more
Nicolas Fichaux - IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)
Dr Nicolas Fichaux graduated PhD in offshore wind resource mapping using satellite images in 2003. He then worked for the French agency for the environment and energy (ADEME) as officer for wind, small hydropower, and marine energies. Read more
Chris Cormick - Managing Director with RG Thermal Energy Solution
Chris is a founding member of the team that conceived and is implementing the RG Thermal Energy Solutions strategy to deploy low and medium enthalpy geothermal solution for energy optimization of desalination. Read more
Jacques Chouraki - Teranov President & Global Business Development
After 12 years of experience in international finance (M & A, Structured Finance), followed by 14 years in developing and managing projects in the fields of the environment (waste treatment and renewable energy). Read more
Lucien Wald - Professor at MINES ParisTech
Lucien Wald graduated in theoretical physics at University of Aix-Marseille II and University of Paris UPMC, France, in 1976-1977. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in 1980 at University of Paris UPMC on infrared remote sensing of the ocean. Read more
Kavita Rai - IRENA
Kavita Rai joined IRENA in December 2012 and is Programme Officer, Capacity Building. She has been working in the field of renewable energy since 1993. Read more

Peter Cattelaens - Project Manager EUEI PDF
In his capacity as Project Manager at the EUEI PDF, Peter works on the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), supporting the development of renewable energy markets in Africa. Read more

Sébastien FOX - Business Development and Sales Director of Dalkia
Sébastien FOX, 44 years, holds a M.S. in International Management from HEC Management School (Paris, France) and a M.B.A. from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA). Read more
Sylvain Broglé - International Development Director Clemessy/Eiffage
Miklos Antics - Managing Director of GPC Instrumentation Process (GPC IP) France
Miklos ANTICS. (France). Graduated and post graduated in Petroleum Engineering from the Ploiesti (Romania) School of Petroleum. Ph.D. thesis on geothermal well testing and reservoir simulation. Read more
François Gachet - NDT, Inspection and Mechanical Engineering Expert
The keynote speaker has over 15 extensive years in Inspection, NDT and Expertise where he started and developed his knowledge and experience in France and moved to the GCC for the past six years. Read more
Arnaud Erbin - Senior Vice President in charge of the International Department of GDF SUEZ
He was previously Senior Vice President in charge of Financial Communications for GDF SUEZ (2008-2010) and SUEZ (2003-2007), after joining SUEZ Lyonnaise des Eaux as Investor Relations Manager in 2000. Read more
Ghislain Nicolas - Strategy & Business Development Manager for Alstom Renewable Steam Plants
Responsible for Europe Middle East and Africa. He joined Alstom in 2007 and has held various positions in strategic planning, sales and marketing. Read more
PRESENTATION Venue: ADNEC – Sustainable Living Expo Theater

Opening of the Event
Nicole Bricq, French Minister for Foreign Trade (to be confirmed)


Presentation of the VIVAPOLIS concept: “Mieux vivre en ville”
Michèle Pappalardo, Government Delegate for Sustainable Cities, French Ministry for Foreign Trade


Strategic Roadmaps for Sustainable Cities
Olivier Chazal, Coordinator of the Club ADEME International - French eco companies promotion
French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)


Sustainable Development & Energy Performance in Commercial Buildings
Francisco Silverio Marques, Building Energy Services Director, MAF Dalkia Middle East


Building Resilient Infrastructures for a Sustainable Future: Managing Complexity and Uncertainty at the Energy-ICT-Water Nexus
Lawrence Jones, Vice President, Utility Innovations and Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid


Innovation and Collaboration for Smarter and more Resilient Cities
Régis Largillier, Schneider Electric Global Strategy, Smart City Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric


Energy Storage Technology in Real Field Applications
Rémi Coulon, Chief Commercial Officer, Areva Renewables


Which Energies for which Sustainable City? GDF Suez Solutions
Arnaud Erbin, Senior VP, Director of the International Department, GDF Suez
Smart Water : Meeting Water Management Challenges thanks to Smart Technologies
Julien Guittet, Vice President Water Development Middle East, Suez Environnement
Presentation-1    Presentation-2


Recover Initial Water Purity
Thierry Satgé, Business Development Manager Middle East, TMW


The French Expertise in Air Quality Monitoring
Jacques Mediavilla, Area Manager, Environnement SA
Full 3D Modelling of the Urban Atmospheric Environment: the AIRCITY Solution
Jacques Moussafir, CEO ARIA Technologies SA


Sustainable Landscaping in Sustainable Cities
Yann Thomas, Manager, Microhumus


The Haute Couture for Customized Solar Panels: Street Furniture, Signage, Buildings, Public Transportation
Stéphane Poughon, CEO DISASOLAR


Microalgae Waste Water Treatment to Produce Energy for Buildings and Cities
Pierre Tauzinat, CEO ENNESYS

Moderator: Olivier Chazal, Coordinator of the Club ADEME International (ADEME)

The Integrated Approach for Sustainable Cities

In 2020, 60% of the world population will be living in cities, bringing about higher levels of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and a greater toll on natural resources. With 75% of the world energy consumption, cities are at the heart of the energy transition challenge.

The event proposed by France will focus on the current technological innovations being developed as part of an effort to foster solutions for the future. It will underline and put in perspective the importance of a systemic and integrated approach, in which the optimal management of all the different urban flows is required (materials, energy, water, information, transports…) in order to allow for a more sober and efficient use of natural resources, while keeping the objective of making cities better places to live in .

In this regard, France will present the VIVAPOLIS concept; VIVAPOLIS aims at pulling together the results of various research and development efforts, demonstration projects and innovative products to serve such a holistic approach (positive energy buildings, recycling and waste valorisation, water consumption traceability, smart grids, multimodal transportation platforms, smart mobility management, air quality monitoring etc.). Examples of integration of sustainability in energy, water, waste and transport sectors will illustrate the topic.

France proposes to share experiences with local actors, including the stakeholders of the flagship Masdar City project and international partners as the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Global Sustainable Cities Network, in order to identify synergies and facilitate the exchanges on this subject.

Michèle Pappalardo -First General Commissioner for Sustainable Development within the French minister of Ecology.
Michele Pappalardo, senior magistrate of the Court of account, studied at ENA (National School of administration) (1979-1981), has a diploma in Politic sciences and a bachelor in Economic Sciences. Read more
Olivier Chazal - International Relation of the University Paris 1 pantheon
After a specialization in the sector of the energy, I have worked for Think Thank specialized on the Mediterranean Area. Read more
Francisco Silvério Marques - Director of Building Energy Services – Marketing Department Dalkia
Francisco then joined Dalkia in 2005 as a Project Manager on PPPs and PFIs, and later as a Strategic Accounts Manager on commercial accounts. A Marketing Business Line Director since 2010. Read more
Lawrence E. Jones, Ph.D. - Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Policy & Industry Relations, Alstom Grid North America
Dr. Lawrence E. Jones has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry with expertise in Power Systems Engineering, Applications of Information, Communications and Control Technologies in Power Grid and Electricity Market Operations. Read more
Régis Largillier - Smart Cities Initiative
Régis Largillier is part of Smart City program for Schneider Electric. He is working with Schneider Electric countries in all regions to leverage and share experiences and best practices to growth this new challenging Smart City business. Read more
Rémi Coulon - AREVA
Rémi Coulon is Chief Commercial Officer of AREVA’s Renewable Energy Business Group, which includes Bioenergy, Offshore Wind, Concentrated Solar and Energy Storage activities Read more
Arnaud Erbin - Senior Vice President in charge of the International Department of GDF SUEZ
He was previously Senior Vice President in charge of Financial Communications for GDF SUEZ (2008-2010) and SUEZ (2003-2007), after joining SUEZ Lyonnaise des Eaux as Investor Relations Manager in 2000. Read more
Julien Guittet - Suez Environnement
JulienGuittet, Vice President Water Development Middle East has joined Suez Environnement in 2001 as Water Resource Engineer. Holder of a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the National School of Water And Environment Engineering. Read more
Thierry Satgé - CEO (Knauf, Deutsche Shell, CMN)
Thierry Satgé works 12 years in plastics and packaging fields as CEO (Knauf, Deutsche Shell, CMN).He Develops strategy by acquisition (external growth) or "greenfield " projects (Brazil ,Poland ,Russia,HUngary,Western Europe). Read more
Yann Thomas - Aeronautics
Yann Thomas had a professionnal carrier in Aeronautics and then in Canada in Informatics. Back to France, he creates, with soil science Engineers and PhDs. Read more
Stéphane Poughon - Technical Expert
Stéphane Poughon is a HEC graduate and an experienced entrepreneur with a solid scientific background. Stéphane’s many years of professional expertise Read more
Pierre Tauzinat - CEO Ennesys
26 years experience in emerging markets, new technologies and their applications. Career started with developing new markets for Pierre Fabre Group in Asia, based in Tokyo for over ten years. Read more
PRESENTATION Venue: ADNEC – Capital Suite n°3

Introduction: New Thermal Energy Storage Research Group at Masdar Institute of Science & Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr Nicolas Calvet


Opening Presentation: Supporting PV: Electrical Storage Sizing, Technology Selection and Experimental Results
Franck Al Shakarchi, Project Manager Energy Storage INES-CEA (French Solar Energy Institute)


Solar Energy in 2030: The Role of Storage
Ruud Kempener, Analyst International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)


Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) providing Stability to the Grid and Energy even when the Sun goes down
Ghislain Nicolas, Strategy and Business Development Manager, EMEA Alstom Renewable Steam Plant (Solar, Geothermal, Biomass)


Delivering utility-scale CSP Projects and improving Competitiveness through Storage
Jayesh Goyal, Vice President, Sales AREVA Solar


High Temperature Pebble-Bed Thermal Storage: a promising environmentally-friendly Solution for Solar Storage at low Cost
Didier Martin, Manager IDHELIO


Solar CSP Solutions based on the Concept of Direct Steam Generation and Thermal Storage without Molten Salt
Simon Benmarraze, Strategy and Business Development Manager SOLAREUROMED


Nanotechnologies for Future Energy: Solar Storage using A New Generation of Hybrid PV & Storage Systems
Alex Roustaei, President W2e Industries


NICE technology for producing PV modules associated with high efficiency innovative storage solutions for on/off grid applications
Dan Popovici, Business Development Manager Environmental & Solar Technologies, Vincent Industries / GEMO TEC
Valérie Cazaban, CEO HYSEO International
Presentation-1    Presentation-2


Solar Energy Valorization through Green Hydrogen
Pascal Vergine, Photovoltaic Manager Augier
Geoffroy Ville, Manager McPhy


Soleka: The Benefits of Forecasting and Big Data for Solar Storage Solutions
Nicolas Schmutz, CEO Reuniwatt


Questions & Answers and Closure of the Event

Moderator: Dr. Nicolas Calvet, Assistant Professor at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

Storage: a Solution for Solar Energy?

Energy storage is one of the biggest challenges to address in order to enable more effective development of renewable energies. Energy storage is indispensable to allow for a better use of the electricity produced by intermittent renewable sources, like solar and wind power. It can serve several purposes, from banking power for later use to balancing the supply and demand of an electric grid, hence avoiding regrettable clean energy losses due to limited grid capacities and varying energy demand. This makes storage one of the key elements for a better price competitiveness and broader deployment of renewable energies.

However, the topic of storage covers a wide range of situations and technological solutions, among which most of them are still emergent. Taking aside the proven pumped hydro storage systems, it is often stated that the case needs still to be made that energy storage equipment and software can perform as promised over time. Some of the energy storage technologies, such as the use of advanced batteries, also remain too expensive for larger mass use. This event will focus on promising solutions as far as the combination of energy storage and solar energy projects is concerned, exploring two main categories of storage solutions:

- Electricity storage on the one hand (electro-chemical storage and physical storage) aiming to adjust supply and demand, while recuperating the excess of energy produced, storing it and later delivering extra energy to compensate the irregularity of renewable energy sources. This category includes high performance batteries for electrical vehicles, a central issue for the development of clean transportation;
- Thermal storage on the other hand, where heat is stored via a specific medium or transformed, for instance in chemical energy. Solutions vary whether short-term storage (batteries) or long-term storage (turbine pumps, compressed air, hydrogen and methanation) is considered. Many examples demonstrate the improvements so far achieved in this area.

The side-event will focus on the challenges facing energy storage, most particularly in the solar industry, and on existing solutions and realisations, facilitating exchanges and debate between UAE operators, the IRENA team members working on this subject, and French industrials and research institutions. Portable storage issues will be addressed as well as on-site storage.

Dr. Nicolas Calvet - Masdar
Nicolas obtained his Ph.D. on Engineering Science (Energy and Environment) in 2010 at the PROMES CNRS Laboratory in south of France. He worked on different thermal energy storage materials and processes,. Read more
Franck AL Shakarchi - CEA
Bio: Franck AL SHAKARCHI received a master of science from Ecole Polytechnique in 1998, a master’s degree in electronics from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité in 2000 and a master’s degree in sustainable development from Université Paris-Dauphine in 2006. Read more
Ruud Kempener - IRENA
Ruud Kempeneris IRENA’s technology roadmap analyst. Before joining IRENA, Ruud was for two years a research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Read more
Ghislain Nicolas - Strategy & Business Development Manager for Alstom Renewable Steam Plants
Responsible for Europe Middle East and Africa. He joined Alstom in 2007 and has held various positions in strategic planning, sales and marketing. Read more
Jayesh Goyal - Global Vice President AREVA
Mr. Goyal brings more than 17 years of technology leadership and business development experience to AREVA Solar, having executed large, complex projects on a worldwide basis. He is responsible for driving sales and marketing for AREVA Solar. Read more
Didier Martin - Ingénieur des Mines de SaintEtienne
51ans, ingénieur des Mines de Saint Etienne, afondé et dirige IDHELIO depuis 5ans. Avec 25 ans d’expérience professionelle dans le domaine de l’énergie, Didier MARTIN est riche d’unp arcours diversifié. Read more
Alexandre R. Roustaei - President & CEO W2E Industries
Founder, CEO and Chairman, of three high-tech companies with over 25 years of experience in engineering and operations; has developed and marketed several industrial and consumer products during his career. Read more
Valerie Cazaban - Vice President of HYSEO International
25 years of experience as an asset manager and Renewable Energy stocks analyst. Read more
Pascal Vergine - Augier
Ce diplômé de l’Ecole Spéciale de Mécanique et d’Electricité, Sudria (93), formé au CEDEP (02) et ESSEC Mannheim (03), a travaillé durant 14 ans au sein des équipementiers automobiles Valeo et Faurecia. Read more
Geoffroy Ville - Développement de l’approche commerciale du marché industriel
Diplômé de l’Ecole Supérieur de commerce de Grenoble, spécialisé dans la gestion de l’énergie, et de l’Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Nice en commerce international. Read more
Nicolas Schmutz - Pattented Inventor
Nicolas has strong technical skills, which he developed through his studies at the Ecole Polytechnique and at SUPAERO (rocket science), as well as through his work experiences. Read more